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Everyone knows they should make a Will. Because of the importance of a will, an attorney should be consulted so that no mistakes are made. Since it is very possible that the will you make today will not be revisited for sometimes 20, 30, or even 40 years or more, you want to be absolutely certain that your will contains everything that you want it to, and that it is accurate.

Each individual and family has unique needs based upon their current stage in life. At Rajan & Rajan, LLP, we establish custom-drafted wills that pay specific attention to our clients’ unique needs. Whether you have a new baby in the family and are interested in establishing a guardianship or you have reached retirement, and have accumulated some wealth and would like to achieve some estate tax savings through the use of a more sophisticated will, we can help. Our firm provides experienced and effective representation to those who are interested in asset protection and ensuring their assets are passed along according to their wishes.

Additional services and products we may recommend to our clients include trusts, durable power of attorney and health care proxies (i.e. living will). Our firm will analyze your estate and recommend applicable estate planning tools to assist in minimizing your tax exposure and maintaining your wealth.